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Lubna Ahmad (UBI Flight Of Dreams Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

Whenever I close my eyes
My flight of dreams soars above the skies
Way beyond the far away horizons
To the magnificent magical destinations

Where extreme love reside in all hearts
Selfless caring among each human starts
Humanity is prevalent in all parts
Cruelty and hatred from each soul departs

A world filled with melodious tunes
Love songs the nightangle croons
It’s a lovers dream world
Delicate petals of love unfurled

The souls recognize their soulmates
The charisma the qualities isolates
Each persons soul is translucent
Their motives intentions transparent
The real purpose of life inherent
Good work good deeds eminent
Nothing in this life is permanent
Each soul will end is evident

My flight of dreams comes to an end
Need is for our thoughts to mend
Wake up humans there is still time
Save our world our planet from all the grime

united ink

United By Ink

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