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Lovelyn P Eyo (Category-Poem) (Don’t put off till tomorrow | Certificate of Excellence)


Today is life’s gift called the present
The present is certain but tomorrow uncertain-
A messenger of life’s reward for today

You are the Host of today
Life craves for your competence and care
But lazily piling up work upon work
Hikes up tiredness upon unproductiveness
Making you not a winner but an easy “Quitter”

Today is the seed to be planted
You put off the planting barren is your land
Sans blooming flowers and juicy fruits of tomorrow

Today is a great chance
Seize this chance so that the future you don’t resent

Life is about work-
If you don’t work for today
Tomorrow would give you the sack

Focus on today’s priorities
Resoecting appreciating opportunities

Wasting time is wasting life
Flush not the seeds in the drain
But plant them to blossom life

Come what may
Do your best for today without delay

(c)Lovelyn Eyo

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