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Lock Down Home maker

Lock down Home maker

Early morning I wished to enjoy the sunshine in the balcony
However rushed to prepare iIdly and chutney for the family

I wanted to enjoy the pleasure of cool breeze
But got stuck in cooking chick peas

I wished to relax and savour a cup of tea in the living room
But ended up holding a mop stick and a broom

I sat down to watch my favourite show
But Mother -in–law reminded me to knead the dough

I felt like lying down and reading a magazine
But suddenly remembered to dry clothes from the washing machine

I thought of jotting down some beautiful lines
But I was held up with cleaning the utensils

I tried to exercise for a few minutes
But ended up in resolving kids petty fights

I wanted to listen some old melodies
But all I got to hear was mixer and juicer sounds

I felt like devouring books to gather some amazing facts
But daughter made me play snake and ladders

I loved to practice my art work
However I got busy in monitoring my son’s homework

I thought to go through my favourite blogs
However my time went off in sorting out groceries and clearing the scattered things.

I wanted to work out on my presentation skills
But I landed up making husband “s favourite snacks

In between I managed to lay hands on solving some puzzles
But Father in law asked my help in searching his

I switched on the TV to catch up on news
However it made me to go into blues

Hurray! I finally got some time to chat with my friends and cousins
Alas! It was the time to switch off lights and say good night

Oh mother earth !
You too have got some respite from the hustle and bustle of this world
When do I get my time ?

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