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Listening is an etiquette of utmost importance .

Listening carefully, listening meaningfully, listening without interruption, listening with the full attention is an etiquette , you should be conscious of. In digital era  when most of the transactions are online, listening is an important skill set you must develop to improve your personal and professional relations

Listen and silent have same alphabets. Listening with your eyes , with your ears closed at times , will give you so much insights into what other person is saying and is not able to say .

Not many people have good vocabulary or skill to choose right words to match the occasion or make an impact. Always listen to understand as most of the people listen to react.

Never interrupt a person who is speaking because his thought process may get broken and you may not get the real  sense of what he is trying to emphasize upon. Always seek permission to interrupt by  body language or gestures by hand.

Encourage people to speak and that’s a part of your skill set for listening. Intermittent nodding and even saying Hmm etc will  only encourage speaker to speak more, speak meaningfully and come up with rational argument for you to understand the real ground  situation.

Listening helps in sharpening your skills for problem-solving. Unless  you are aware of the full situation with all perspectives, your decision making would always be found wanting. There lies the importance of listening.

Make a mental note of key words which are being spoken and repeated often ; is it joy, anger , fear , danger , threat and fun etc . This will help in arriving at key message the speaker wishes to give.

Listening carefully with full attention does not require any effort but is the most difficult to execute .

Next time you are holding a crucial conversation be it an appraisal , be it negotiation , be it reprimand , be it a meeting to resolve complex issues , figure out your listening index and always keep in mind to improve that continuously .

Top leaders are wonderful listeners. They always make other person feel by way of their listening etiquette as to how important he is.

Listening carefully improves your relations and thereby you will connect with the people faster . Once connected you can convince other person much faster or with less effort .You will excel in your ability to make other people say yes and only yes to what ever you wish to achieve.

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One Comment on “Listening is an etiquette of utmost importance .

  1. Very remarkable blog and very much needed in the present situations. We often tend to speak more and listen less. I hope this delightful read would help many.

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