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Latika Ratti (UBI Journey of the soul Contest | Certificate of Excellence )

Journey of the soul
Soul isn’t just to make you alive,
It’s to let you live a wonderful life,
If the body is a temple soul is the deity,
Worshipping body is giving gratitude to soul,
Soul makes us and we must nurture it completely,
Body goes down to ashes but soul is immortal!
Today its yours tomorrow its his/hers,
It has no name, cast, creed or color;
It travels from home to home;country to country and defines no boundry,
A soul always stays happy it’s the mind that wanders,
People give importance to mind & body than soul,
That’s why they regret when their loved ones are no more!
The journey of a soul is not binded,
The body never choses this unseen entity,
This privilege is given to the soul!

united ink

United By Ink


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    Nice flow of thoughts..

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    Very rightly penned.

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    Nice thoughts with deep meaning..

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