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“And One Day She Discovered…”

She thought, do I belong here?
Or do I need to move on beyond the realms,
Of this universe to merge again in the infinite galaxies.
She had finally discovered, and witnessed, this turmoil.
Mankind stealing from her the treasure,
And making her purpose futile.

Her five gems of happiness namely: Honesty, appreciation,
Empathy and sacrifice were all in vain.
They failed to teach mankind, her importance and how to care.
Concern for her, self and Nature required commitment.
These five gems had a purpose when she had given it to them.
Give them prosperity and perseverance to live a human life.
Alas! They cannot respect it anymore,
And have compelled her to make this decision.

Mother Earth has always been the giver for eons of ages.
She needed to analyse, mend her ways to make mankind realise.
By being violent with her approach, vocal in her wants
And lastly volatile to make mankind accept the change.
Enough of this colossal mismanagement, I need to breathe, she said.

Let there be change seen or else I will cease to be of any help.
Corona is just the start to your troubles, so beware!
Show it in your actions and start to take precautions.

Care for your creator, nurturer, nature and finally yourself.
If care is not seen in action now,
Then, there is no time for me here somehow.
As, I really feel my creation, nature, life and I do not belong here,
And need to move on now and for ever.

Aparna Patwardhan Bhat
21st April, 2021.

Pic courtesy:- Google.

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