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Lalita Vaitheeswaran (Traffic Jam Contest)

“Here..yes here..put the flower garlands here..” Mahesh mama was ordering the florists..
“And the festoons and bulbs are to be put in this manner..” he was showing them some catalogues and pamphlets..
“Bhaiyya Have you told the caterers to add ras malai instead of rabdi…” panted Sushma Bua..
” Here keep these bangles and necklace safely with you Guddi…” Mrs Saxena was giving the ornaments to Mami…While
Mr Saxena was busy checking some accounts…
There was hustle bustle everywhere as the auspicious occasion of ” Baarat” of the beautiful Megha was nearing..
She looked stunning in her dark red lehenga studded with embellishments…and the glow on her face revealed how eager she was to enter into wedlock with her childhood friend Ritesh….
Sahil chacha was busy coordinating with the Baratis’ and was guiding them to the venue which had been selected by the would be couple ,lovingly.
Only that it was on one end of the city almost in the outskirts.
The muhurat was approaching and the Punditji started calling out for the families…
Here Sahil chachas face was evidently showing all the anxiousness….and he could be seen sweating…
“What happened Sahil?” Asked Mr Saxena…and his enthusiasm started to turn into panic..
“The Barat is caught in a Traffic jam”…Sahil chacha’s voice was quivering…
Call the var.. vadhu …fast…the Panditji kept repeating..
The whole family seemed to now gather into a huddle and looked for options…
Megha was almost in tears…and feared that the selected auspicious muhurat would go in vain…
Suddenly she got a video call from Ritesh…
He showed her how his car was stuck in a serpentine queue of vehicles and any venture coming out looked futile!!
“Now what Ritesh…what…?” Megha was inconsolable…
“Wait wait..I have an idea”…Ritesh chuckled…”I am a techie….shall put technology into our marriage instead of fireworks….
Lets have an
‘e wedding’….Call Punditji and everyone else…”
The newspapers were rife the next day…
With the headlines..

The Traffic Jam Wedding was as sweet as the Pudding !!!

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