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Lalita Vaitheeswaran (By Blackout| Certificate of Excellence)

The dark night looked lonely and forlorn
With only the stars to show the way
The dark clouds eclipsed the moon
Keeping every speck of light at bay..

I was frightened and asked the night
Why don’t you some brightness tame?
He smiled and pointed towards daylight
And claimed well!
we’re the two sides of the coin same !!
I make the stars and the moon shine bright…
Would they be seen if there was light?
Could you have ever by the moon been awed so deep ?
And would you have ever known the meaning of Sleep??

It was going to be the outbreak of a new dawn
Darkness said he’s now going to hide behind the morn
I saw them both in deep embrace
Making love together for that very short space
They are inseparable but venture out for hours few..
A blackout gives birth to a morning brand new !!

united ink

United By Ink

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