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Lalita Iyer Vaitheeswaran (Category-Poem) (Exam| Certificate of Appreciation)

The racing heart beats and sweaty palms
Futile attempts to remain calm
Last minute revisions and cramming
The syllabus is still uncovered and alarming
Sleeplessness becomes  a daily guest
Every day of life is put to test
Food gulped and appetite lost
Time has to be overpowered at all costs
Books and notes scattered all over the study table
Praying that everything studied is from the brain retrievable
That awful feeling of under the weather
To face the monster all the courage gathered
Dressing sense lost and uneven pairs worn
Sometimes crumpled,unkempt or even torn
Lucky charms of varied types seen
A single nail painted in black or green
These days of emotional stress and worry
Oh  God please blow off the flurry !!
©️Lalita Vaitheeswaran

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