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Lalita Iyer Vaitheeswaran (Category-Poem) (Dreams of a Bride | Certificate of Appreciation)

Brought up as a princess free as the bird
Loved by everyone, ne’er a harsh word heard
She dreams to breathe easy
Liberated at will
Encouragement and reassurance to boost her skills
Her privilege of attire spreading gaiety and glee
No veils to shackle her cheerful spree
Her parents whom she holds in the highest esteem
The same respect and value they should be deemed
The house be a cosy and warm abode in store
The people around affable, freindly to the core
Her small slips overlooked by magnanimous will
Accepted wholeheartedly with happiness to fill
The partner trusts and fidelity shows
A Life rosy and colourful as rainbows

©️Lalita Vaitheeswaran

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9 Comments on “Lalita Iyer Vaitheeswaran (Category-Poem) (Dreams of a Bride | Certificate of Appreciation)

  1. Excellent poem Lalita! How beautifully you have penned down the dreams and emotions of a young bride, who enters her wedlock! Great work! Always a pleasure to read your poems! 🌹👍🏻

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