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Lalita Iyer (UBI Journey of the soul Contest | Certificate Of Excellence)

ourney of the Soul

Entrapped in different body the Soul wanders

Hither and thither in the wide wild yonder !

The worldly good and the bad it entails

WhereVirtues are derided and
Vices now Hails !!

From the womb to the tomb the Soul values search

But finds no connect and is left in the lurch

Beauty of the outside is now the norm

The Soul lies dormant even in its purest form

It suffers pain hurt and loudly does cry

But no evil does the body deny!!

The Soul’s voice even though loud and clear

Is shrouded in din and none wishes to hear

Beauty is defined by the colour of the skin

No one wants to look at the Soul Within !!

The body and the Soul different paths tread

Hypocrisy, pride, ego rule
While values lie there dead

The Soul Waits impatiently for that moment divine !

When the body and the Soul in harmony combine !!


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