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“Knock knock !! ” (UBI English Short Story Contest | Third position)

Mustafa Saboowala 

There were newspapers lying around with the news article of a fall of a flyover. the accused was engineer Ajay Khosla with his photograph in the newspaper. Ajay denied the blame completely in the newspaper. Ajay was in his bedroom deep in sleep when he suddenly hears  the knocking on the glass. disturbed from his sleep he gets up from the sleep. he wonders for a moment about the knocking and than casually gets up and sees out of the window where seems to be the only place in the room from where the knocking on the glass could appear. he sees out of the window and there is no one there. he opens the window checks out and than closes the window again surprisingly as there is nothing out there. Ajay is shocked to hear the noise of the glass knocking again. the noise is getting louder also. Ajay turns around to look at the room where his attention is caught at the dressing table mirror. he is astonished to feel the noise of the knocking coming from this mirror. he hesitates but proceeds towards the mirror. he steps closer to the mirror with one hand on the side wall and freezes as he takes the look at the mirror.

there is the image of a lady inside the mirror saying ” saab , apne hi milavat karvai thi na ” (Sir wasn’t it you who is responsible) 

Ajay falls down dead.


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