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K.Radhakrishnan (UBI World Environment Day Contest | Certificate of Excellence )


I am an angry bird and I have a strong case,
Against the humans, and I am miffed at their race,
For they destroyed my tree, to the ground they raze,
Many such trees have disappeared without any trace.

Due to deforestation many of our species gone extinct,
Richness of flora and fauna makes our earth so distinct,

In their greed, how much damage the humans do inflict!!,
They have already left on earth grim imprint.

Forests have been destroyed for illegal timber,
Where do we build our nests to get a night’s slumber?
Unable to control my temper, I am letting out whimper,
The green belt is getting thinner and thinner.

With our extinction, the ecosystems will shatter,
It’s effect will affect humans, it is a serious matter,
Global warming and climate change will spell disasters,
The foolish humans are paving their own destruction faster.

With declining forest cover, the world is facing severe drought,
Lack of rains have left many lives thirsty and distraught,
My anger is against humans for the damage they have wrought,
By exploiting environment without any thought.

united ink

United By Ink

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