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K.Radhakrishnan (Time Contest | Epoch Ranter Award)

Some lament, I am long to seem like eternity,
Many wonder about my uncertainty,
I run in perpetual motion,
Me, crawling, or leaping, its your silly notion

Stories of emotion ending in big commotion,
I stood witness to all from human evolution,
I do not rest, I flow unhindered forever,
Always fleeting, past, present or future.

I can’t be bought with tons of gold,
Yet, I allow you to adjust and make me mold,
I am the maker of moments and memories,
I turn friends in to adversaries.

I am omnipresent, omnipotent, yet invisible,
In all human lives, I leave my mark indelible,
I do not wait for anyone, always on the run,
Some misuse or use me to lose or win.

Humans equate me to the ticking of clock,
I leave imprints on the journey that humans embark,
I may seem bright or I may look dark,
My wheel keep on rotating in light and dark.

I am the cruel dictator, and evaluator,
I am the string that pulls you in life’s theater,
I am both the destroyer and kind benefactor,
This is me, time, the great annihilator and creator.


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