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In this world, everyone is running to chase a dream or something which is related very close to their heart. Once there was a boy whose goal to become an MBA and settle in life which is the most common dream of every middle-class boy and their parents. He took admission to the topmost university of his state and started preparing for MBA his goal is clear to become an MBA student, getting a job, and settle his life. But here is the twist come he failed in his 1 attempt but he didn’t give up again. Unfortunately, the same thing repeated with him now this time he goes into depression. He is now completely out of mind didn’t know what to do next, completely blank. One day, he packed his bag and went for a small tour across India, he went to Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow and his last stop was Ahmedabad when he is traveling a thought came to his mind until when and where he is traveling like. So he decided to do some job and he started finding a job, after 2 months of searching he got a job in a burger shop and the job to clean the table (sweeper). But, he does not satisfied with his job, his goal to do something which gives him his own identification. One day, he decides to start his own business which helps him to establish his own identification. But, the question is what to start and then he thinks he will start that one particular thing which brings everyone towards him. Finally, he decides to sell “CHAI”. Yes, u heard it right chai he decide to sell chai and he started selling that. Initially, he found it difficult to sell chai so he starts to sell his teat by going toward people and that’s how it started. By the next day onwards his selling rate goes on high, and the amount growing day by day. Meanwhile, around 2 months of his chai business he is very well famous across Ahmedabad. Here comes another twist the people do want to see another person become successful so people around him started calling the police and packed his business. After that again same he was blank there is nothing to achieve again in life. After 15 days he had no work to do he again started preparing for MBA. Suddenly, his mind diverts toward Chai.  And yes, Finally he decides to start selling the chai. Now his business profit was at the peak, till now there is no particular name or identity to his chai business. first and foremost he put a stag Billore chai because his name is Prafull Billore but this biller chai name doesn’t last long the reason is people started teasing him with the name which he put on his chai stall board. After selling chai a lot many months still, he was not able to find that kind of satisfaction which he wants. One day he took one whiteboard on that he wrote “Anyone is in search of a job he/she write the name here along with phone number and anyone who have placed in their particular office, or anything can contact them. By doing this, people are started attracted towards his chai stall/ place within a year his Chai stall is becoming one of the best chai stalls all over Ahmedabad but till now people are knowing him or his chai stall with his name. So he decided to put a name stage which is unique like that there is no domain on the internet nothing by thinking of that he came up with a name that is “MBA CHAI WALA” which stand for (MR.BILLORE AHMEDABAD). by selling chai on a road to becoming the second most famous chai wala all over India with the turnover of 3crores over a year which an absolutely a thing which touches the hear hardly. The chai which kept him alive is the chai with whom he started his business

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