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I Died A Sinner

You’ve not seen life
You’re solely making a claim
But I’ll put her priceless portrait before you
Behold her, admire her but don’t hold her

For I held life with my watery hands
I wooed her with a lustful heart
So soon I caressed and laid with her
Life’s sweeter than everything sweet

I kissed her on a luxurious sofa
I romanced her in the garden of fame
I laid with her in the palace of wealth
More and more of her moans I desired

Alas! In the climax of my romance with her
The strangest stranger intruded
And opened before me a door I couldn’t resist
I laid with lifelessness – my soul was snatched

I’ve become an inhabitant in Hades
Hades, my tears of rues cannot conquer
Pains, discomfort and gnashing grips me
I lost the life I cherished in life

In life, righteousness and sermon didn’t convince me
But now I rue my end; I died a sinner

By John King Ayanfe


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