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Author Corner: Roald Dahl

Full name – Roald Amundsen Death – 1960, age 74 Nationality – English “A person is a fool to become a…

शाम की उदासी में

जब चारो ओर तन्हाई हो ना जाने क्यूं तब शाम की उदासी में मेरी भी उदासी घुल घुल जाती है दिल…

ऐसी भी क्या जिद

ऐ दिले नादान क्यूं चाहता है ख्वाहिशें सब पूरी हों तेरी गर दो चार रह जाएंगी अधूरी सच कहूं, जिन्दगी से…

चंद्रमा की तरह

जिंदगी हमारी भी सुख और दुख में ढलती और बदलती कभी दुखों भरी अंधेरी अमावस की रात कभी सुखों की रात…

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UBI stands for United By Ink®️. UBI is a Global Platform- the real-time social media interactive forum created for Readers, Writers and Facilitators alike.This platform aims to help creative souls realize their writing goals.

We encourage bloggers, movie makers, theatre/drama Artists, story writers, poets, and columnists or those who are in any form of literary expression and their facilitators/service providers. For instance pre and post publishing support, marketing support, media support, distribution support who make the journey easy for the former.

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Create an ‘Inked -Family’ for fellow passionate readers and writers across the globe, to make genuine acquaintances, and provide a space where they feel they belong.

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Help fellow UBIites post opinions, promote their respective writing.

Connect with promotional services of writing and expressive art, under group rules.

UBI is your virtual platform that works like a group of friends or family to connect with, at your beck and call! Related to your journey of writing.




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