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Gigi Balita (By Blackout| Certificate of Participation)

No star shines tonight,
The cloud above is empty,
Matching my shallow plight…
Why does the night look so fearful?

No moon shows this evening
The cloud ahead hides it
like those enemies covered in the bushes…
Why does the night give me fright?

No light comes from the sky
Overhead there’s only but darkness
that surrounds me and follow me
Why does night produce shadows in the dark?

No sheen as I look up above and scan this sight
So deem as if to symbolize the dimness in my life
Why does night hold secrets that hide?
I feel so far from home.

In this place so far from home, there is
no space to breath
no time to spare
no place to run to.
Only smoke that suffocates
only consummation that awaits
only the continous shout and drumming
of my afraid heart in the dark.

united ink

United By Ink

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