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From Pain to Gain

Somewhere deep down, I shivered with the chills of silent cries,
Was it because I was repeatedly pierced with the sharp arrows of lies?

No! Maybe not just that. The valley of my heart is not so weak,
There must be something more to trigger such an aching shriek…

Was it the cruel, evil, lusty eyes that leer,
Or was it their vile thoughts that trigger this fear?

Was it the vision of the fists that punched so hard,
Or was it the memory of this humiliation that left me scarred?

Was it the violent blows and kicks that covered me with dirt,
Or was it the bruises on my soul that so severely hurt…

How long do I have to suffer while laying helplessly on this pyre,
Set me ablaze, set me free by lighting a burning fire…

Even though I know this misery is temporary,
But for me it feels like eternity…

My trauma and grief are so severe,
Which can’t be washed away with a remorseful tear…

Lashed by vicious torrents of envy and hate,
How many times will you attempt to deform and mutilate?

My wounded heart has turned into stone,
No more can you abuse it. No more will it moan…

With every torture, as the night begins to creep,
I have decided, no more shall I weep…

Suddenly, there was a flash of divine awakening, when God appeared,
He smiled, He blessed and all agony disappeared…

The celestial force created an invisible fence,
One that wards off any atrocities that dispense…

My faith keeps growing, as inch by inch He restores my dignity and alleviates my pain.
In His shelter, under His protection there is nothing to lose but only pure love to gain.

By : Meghna Choudhury (Her Grace Mathura Vasi Devi Dasi)


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