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Food connects!

Tasty and tempting food create memories. I vividly remember mom and dad sitting on a floor and cooking Boondi ladoos,chaywan prash , kawcha pak , Masala dry dates/ Kharek , Gulab jamun And what not.. my dad used to tell me, “ Use spices with zindadilly and do not fear to try or add different ingredients for routine recipe.” I used to stand and look at him – how like a master chef he used to cook.Namkeen sev and quick snacks were waiting for us when we used to return from school. Mom was a school teacher and dad professor. His college timings were 8 to 12 and our school timing 11 to 5- those pre digital days were such a bliss. After returning from
School, Mom would sip her filter coffee prepared by dad. We would eat his creative snacks. during festive days both of them would make
Ladoos For The whole Colony – colony people would provide all the ingredients and assist my parents in the process. On Maha Shivratri Dad would tie a turban and make Bhang for many people – our neighbours would send milk and sugar according to their requirement and dad and mom would use all other ingredients from our kitchen .. after long hours of preparation when finally done we all would go and deliver – it was all out of love – love for Neighbours , friends and family. That’s why still whenever I meet people , they remember food prepared by my parents .food# connects ❤️

I too love to create recipes with twist. The aroma and sizzling sound of food evaporate my worries and stress and lift up my confidence.

Made today – Heart shaped sweet Mathari- with brown sugar syrup dashed with saffron, cinnamon and nuts -created recipe with a twist , inspired by food I learnt from Mom and dad and some fantastic people whose food used to be perfect, full of love and care.

Kajal Mehta

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