I am Human too..!!!

I am Human too..!!!

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Nishtha Setia

“Whenever you need I am always here. Just give a call.” Javier to Ellie after divorce in the court. 

It was a happy divorce with no arguments, no fights, just smiles and love. Yes, after being divorced, they were happy smiles and Ellie was flying high in the sky like a bird from the cage. 

Pondering, both were happy after divorce??? Javier and Ellie had arranged marriage and after 7 months got a divorce. Ellie was so lucky to have Javier as husband and well understanding friend. Ellie was transgender but under the pressure of her parents, she got married. Being transgender is like a curse and is more than discrimination and is met to be impure. Elle knew it from her adulthood days. But being transgender considered as beyond the pale, she didn’t utter the word to anyone. When Ellie got married to Javier, she always tried to escape from the relationship. Being in forced marriage she started clubbing, injecting drugs, hanging out and making relations for timepass due to trauma of transgender.

One night Javier found Ellie in the club and the next day he asked her about her changing nature and reason for doing this. Javier made friendly talk with Ellie and asked her if something is bothering her or if she has some other relation, she can speak freely. Both can work together and sort out. 

Ellie tells him about her gender, “When I was in high-school I was more attracted to girls and I started using social sites with fake ids. When I told my parents, they reacted like it was a nuclear bomb and asked me to seal my mouth forever. As soon as I completed my high school, I moved out of the city for my further studies just to run from myself and my homosexual problem. But when I stayed in the hostel I found a girl who was the same as me but she was blessed with parents who understood her and her concern. I got her as my best friend and with a little period, we got in a relationship as we could understand each other and each other’s concerns and I got comfortable with her parents. Flora’s parents called my parents and tried to convince them that it is normal and they are human. But my parents never understood. After all, this happened my parents tied a knot in marriage to you based on lies and rest you know. I could not resist the lie and this marriage I continuously missed Flora and I am too human with feeling what so big in being transgender. Rest you know my stress, amount of intake of drugs all the homosexual relations and lies I spoke to you. Moreover, I tried my best to convince my parents not to do this marriage as I’ll not be able to stand it, It will become a burden on me.” 

Javier asks Ellie to relax, “ Ellie don’t worry, yes! You are human, a normal human with feelings. There is no need to jump in stress and you should live freely like a butterfly. You have your rights to live. We will sign a divorce and you can move. Is there something more I can help you with? If you need help in moving to another place I can help you with money. You can count on me as a friend. I’ll always be there.” 

Ellie, “Why homosexual is still a question mark in society? Why it is said transgender will curse you? Why transgender is not seen as a normal human? Why still transgender has to suffer for identity? WHY???

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