The sin called Rape

The sin called Rape


When she walks down the street, which is a bit too dark.
With no lightning at all, Not even a single spark.

She seems to be brave,
she seems to be strong.
But she fears the presence,
of someone very wrong.

She has a deep fear,
of being another prey.
That’s why she is forced to keep,
a bottle of pepper spray.

She was attacked as a lady,
she was attacked even in her childhood.
He did not only give scars
but took from her life, all that was good.

When she is raped,
not only her life goes in vain.
But her parents and her family,
also feel the pain.

Because every rape victim,
is a daughter, sister, and wife.
And every rapist
is the destroyer of her life.

Enough of candle marches,
it’s time to give this nation a shape.
It’s time to bring a change in society,
by eradicating this sin called RAPE.
-Aditya Singh Rawat

32 Comments on “The sin called Rape

  1. Awesome rap✨❤️💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥and I think this is a very highly time and we all have to stand against the rape victims..

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