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Dr.Sailabala Dash(Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Participation )

O’ my dear present,
A few days are now left,
To bid a wholesome hearty farewell to those moments,
With you we spent with merriment, at times we did cry and lament.
Can we ever forget,
Through the torn yellow faded pages
Through the ages,
We were happy,we were sad.
Through all turbulent topsy turvy moments we were together,the scary moments were not that bad.
As we were with you,dear.
Though the new year is knocking at the door.
We are not too sure,
Whether it will bring happiness or tear.
We can’t forget you my to be yester year.
Many many thanks may not be that sufficient,
To carve out your memorable monument.
You will be there in our heart,
Till breath parts to hug death for the ritual final path.
Thank you 2019.
Let your luminous memory glow in our mind,not to fade its shine with time.

united ink

United By Ink

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