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Dr.Sailabala Dash (UBI World Environment Day Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

Our very own lovely earth,where we all take birth.
Like a mother it rears and bears with mirth.
It gives, forgives,tolerates too.
Ungrateful man gets and forgets,demands for more new.
Demonic attitude sans gratitude man invades all , except a very few.
Polluting the rivers,sea and the clean brooks.
Man does not care for the outcome, so carefree outlook!
Chemical in foods and contamination of water with garbage,
Littering with filth and all sewerage.
Man has become savage with a mindset of sabotage.
Earth is sick with all evil and ills.
Man made pollutants are toxic weapons ,can kill.
Evil thoughts are bred, weaved , too are spilled.
Cutting of greens for the construction and advanced farming.
May bring out destruction with , “global warming”
Earth feels sick, moans, too often sobs.
Let’s be human enough to live,let live and love.
Let’s bow with Amen, with a vow not to damage the greens.
Let’s make it sure, the nature with natural hues to be seen.
Let not our heirs carry their breath on their backpack.
Let not the global warming alarm,let not the polar ice caps crack.
Let not earth be a hearth with holes in the ozone zone.
Let us save Earth from getting overheated and burn.
Let us have a beautiful Earth for today and for tomorrow’s morn.


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