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Dr.Sailabala Dash (UBI Teary Eyes Contest | Certificate of Excellence)

Teary eyes

The most beautiful song sings the saddest story.
The eyes look so beautiful when teary.
The dew drops in winter over the lotus leaf,
Dazzling diamonds beyond belief!
Though dews are too cool water drops,
The petals get ablazed,lotus does not show up.
Tears are squeezed out of hidden pain.
Nostalgia churns and burns the heart once again.
Every drop of tear can’t be shown.
Tears are the most precious gems, treasured,known to be our very own.
In pain, in pleasure or in loneliness or in solitude,
Tears show off, embarrassing,making us publicly nude.
Lashes are the blessings, they are so thirsty,
They soak it instantly,saves the face from going too nasty.
The sensory nerves to the tear glands are so emotional,
At the drop of a hat,it drips down as a hilly water fall.
The add on beauty it adds to the eye,
The man made make up feels so shy.
Teary eyes always look down.
On screen,it may face the camera ,with glycerine in eyes red and brown.
Still eyes are the mirrors of the heart.
Teary eyes are the painters’most treasured art.
The earth becomes so happy when the sky cries.
Tears look so awesome in others’ eyes.


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