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Dr Sailabala Dash (Morning in the woods | Certificate of Excellence)

The earth is metamorphosed into a concrete jungle.
Under the loads of civilization,it seems incognizant from each and every angle.
Parched eyes are so thirsty for a patch of green.
In day to day mechanical life, green is far away to be seen.
In search of serenity soul calls for a changing view.
A beautiful morning in the woods may serve as the purpose something new.
A travelogue was set for a carefree morning tour in the woods.
To grab all camaraderie at once to change the monotony of mood.
The lofty greens are so lucrative, thirsty soul is so keen,
With propped eyes ,all scene with greens in one go is to be seen.
The brave birds do perch and chirp sans any fear.
So carefree they are in their move,no fear when one gets too near.
The nature has designed with colours too bright.
A morning in the wood is a feast for the soul ,for the sight.


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