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Dr.Sailabala Dash (Celebration Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

Life means celebrations,so also death .
Birth celebrates welcome over red carpet.
Death celebrates with a farewell,with a hope to rejoice,not getting apprehensive,though unseen.
To rest in peace in heaven,where one never has been.
Where divine elixir might flow in streams and rivers.
Cool breeze might blow as zephyr in pleasing flavours.
Where all might seem o.k.,as the heart and mind do favour.
No periodic celebrations ,there celebrations might continue for ever.
Here on this mundane earth,
Life must celebrate with happiness and mirth.
So many fests and festivities were brought by our ancestors for ages.
Every festival is backed by a mythological history written long back by our wise men, revered sages.
Some are colourful,some are with light to delight, to remove ignorance and darkness.
In a lighter vein all wait for the D- day for celebration with happiness.
Celebrations bring new zeal, inspire life for the upcoming days.
In some or the other way, celebration in return always pays.
Fest,feast, festivities celebrate enhancing and spreading humanity and brotherhood,
Celebration changes life as a soother, calming and cooling the busy agonised mood.


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