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Dr Alok Kumar Ray (UBI Mother Earth Contest | Certificate of Excellence ( Article) )

Mother Earth is obviously no less greater than biological mothers of ours We all have mothers to whom we owe to our lives Our scriptures say, she is greater than even the heaven She is incomparable with the Mother Earth, even more than that However without bias it’s said mother Earth is the mother of all She is the supra mother to whom we are indebted from very birth She epitomizes as Goddess of tolerance, cuddles us all, treats us alike She has given us everything for living the life of a human Not even once she has denied us the comfort of living.
Even after death we all take eternal rest on her soil But in return we have done literally nothing to keep her pleased To fulfill our ever increasing, insatiable Himalayan like needs We have wounded her , she bleeds now , sings melancholic song Global warming and climate change like problems Are challenging her very existence , flora and fauna bear the effect most Like our own mother, this mother of mothers, mother earth Needs care, nurturing her we will secure future of human race on earth Otherwise there will be deluge, life-sustaining elements will have vanished for good Traces of life will no more present here on earth, mass extinction will be the ultimate path.
©®Dr. Alok Kumar Ray


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