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Dr Alok Kumar Ray (UBI Abundance Contest | Certificate of excellence )

Oh God! I don’t want material prosperity in abundance
No palatial building, not enough money as bank balance
Not the extravaganza life of a propertied person
Not even life of a sage who seeks only perfection
Not that in my life I will enjoy happiness only
Not that hurdles will not come on my way even if in slowly

Oh God! Give me enough moral strength to lead the life of a human
To live with my own sweat of labour devoid of any uglier intention
Bless me abundantly to serve the timing millions who are distressed
Help the needy even if let the sky falls, wipe out tears of persons oppressed
Give me enough traits of compassion wrapped with philanthropic nature
Let me suffer a lot if that paves the way for humanity to prosper

Dr Alok Kumar Ray


united ink

United By Ink

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