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Dijana Uherek Stevanović (Category-Short Story) (Snowy Evenings| Certificate of Appreciation)

Autumn sank into sleep, tired of seeing off migratory birds, of roasting chestnuts, and of painting the leaves in the colors of gold.
The calendar was counting down the days, announcing the end of another year, and the autumn queen of rain was waiting for the snow queen Winter.
The morning froze the puddles, inviting the sun to warm the bare branches of the trees and some more living leaves and grass on the ground.
Suddenly, a million ballerinas danced in the sky, dancing carried by the music of the wind. They circled, playing waltz, tango, polka and various dances from all over the world.
They left traces of whiteness on meadows, streets, and made gloves on trees, and wove hats on the roofs of houses that shone like pearls in the sun. I was one of those valuable snowflakes.
As an excellent artist, she painted landscapes of different parts of the world on windows, gave flora and fauna a fairy-tale painting life and connected the incompatible and invited all of us lovers of the natural beauties of life to an exhibition.
She told sparrows stories about how important it is to winter and how every crumb of bread is worth living.
She also taught us how to land carefully after dancing and how to put ballet shoes in a safe place so that we can dance again for as long as possible.
The Winter Queen invited us to play with the children, so we would make Snowman, who proudly carried a pot on his head, a broom in his hands, a carrot for his nose, charcoal eyes and children would sing him songs, but he also became a target to throw. snow.
Children’s laughter would echo through the hills as they sled down the slope. Sometimes in that game, I would end up on a child’s face and laugh together with them.
The magic of winter lasted, as did my game in the magical world of the country, but as the song that the children sang Snowman says:“ The fire from the furnace started to escape and melted Snowman, who is smiling in winter.“, but my story remained alive, thanks to you who are currently reading it.
Dijana Uherek Stevanović

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