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Deepa Acharya (Category-Short Story) (My First Love| Certificate of Appreciation)

Title: A Token Of First Love

It was about to be evening. Nilesh was about to return from office. So, Salini was decorating her room. Only a few days ago they had an arranged marriage.

Suddenly she discovered an old pendent inside Nitin’s almirah. It was kept very carefully inside a small jewellery box, it was an ordinary pandent.

In the meantime Nitin entered into the room and smiled. She also smiled back, the box was still opened. Suddenly Nitin noticed it. She asked him why that old ordinary pandent was there. He sighed and replied, ” I am sorry, I have been keeping it since my childhood. She was my first love”. We exchanged our chain and pandent, but her parents transferred somewhere and we never met again.”

Nikita was surprised, she didn’t reply a single word but slowly moved in her room. Nitin tried to say something. But she ignored. A few minutes later she entered into his room, and opening her palm, showed a chain asked him, “Is it the same chain that you exchanged?”

Both of them hugged each other and cried for a long time. Yes, both of them secretly kept the first token of love.

Deepa Acharya


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