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Dechen Dorji (UBI Flight of dreams Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

As a true son of soil
I kept glancing upon the sky
Digging the soil to sow a popcorn
When aeroplane flied over my head

I burnt the midnight candles
Sweated and bled a rosy blood
Carried loads more than I can handle
To meet the expenses as a student.

Done with my honoured degree
Much awaited ticket for flight
Knocked my door as a chance with decree
‘If you go, you must bring back plight.’

I may get plight from flight
But to bring back plight was uncertain.
So ticket for flight clinged on door whole night
And I made decision to fly over the mountain

As flight fly higher than silhouette in the air
People become ant, and fields are table
The dream of flight to USA, I got to pair
And adventurous life isn’t so comfortable.


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