VITHURA. V. ASOK (Rainbow | Certificate Of Excellence)

VITHURA. V. ASOK (Rainbow | Certificate Of Excellence)

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A puzzle , with colours, not one or two, 

But seven, that too coined not by man, 

The self-styled master of the universe, 

But this masterpiece by the great painter, 

The Nature, the mother of all creations. 


No gold, no silver,no diamond, no plaster of Paris, 

No water-colours, no oil paints, no super brush

Only a few drops of rain and some white rays, 

A unique Mona Lisa on the verge of the horizon, 

A great painting, no other painter could draw, 

A momentary smile from the lips of the Nature. 


This great wonder, never come down to the soil, 

But all hearts on this soil leap up to the horizon

To kiss that mesmerizing beauty that reflects

The enigma, the eternal destiny  of human life, 

That the things of beauty are not  joy for ever. 

The cardinal lesson I am inclined to learn. 

I threw down the school-bag on my shoulders, 

And sat a while under this Greenwood tree, 

My eyes, my mind submerged  by black colours. 


Like the men of goodwill on the earth, 

The rainbow at the sky too never last long. 

Two  puzzles,colourful and painful.

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