Vince Valdez (Category-Short Story)(Saga of Pain|Certificate of Appreciation)

Vince Valdez (Category-Short Story)(Saga of Pain|Certificate of Appreciation)


Vince Valdez


It was a glorious day for Marvin for being the appointed as the new head of City Engineer in the Capital Region . With his experience and skill he was promoted and be the head of the design team of the Department of Public Work and Highways. His dedication to his job is such an amazing achievement that he was given projects upfront. Every employee admired him for his deligent service in the project.
Not all day is glory, one day Marvin met an accident that cause him to be paralyzed. He was paraplegic . It took so many years for him to recover to full recovery. At first he didn’t want to accept visitors. He remained isolated with friends like a person who was having pride of not seeing him down and troubled. For a man who was alwas happy and energetic, Marvin was so different than before, always bad tempered and hated to stay in bed or even sitting onhis wheelchair. He was always shouting on the mistake of his son or even his wife.
One day , a visitor came to the house ,an acquaintance of the family who was a Lay man and Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in their community. He tried to reach Marvin to his room where he stayed after the theraphy. Though he was adamant to face the Pastor he managed to show respect . The Pastor gave him advices how to cope up with pain. He said, the misery in life is just a test of endurance and faith to God. We must not blame God of our bad fate. Learn to adjust and find the means we could delegate ourselves to combat loneliness. The sufferings that we have is superficial to our body not when you are in acceptance to the reality”, he added.
Marvin accepted the challenge to face the world again. He then joined the painting class to be occupied and not be bored in the house especially when he’s alone when his kids was in school and his wife is at work. He was not working anymore taking the disability compensation. He too joined the groups of poet, sharing his composition and joining competition as well He was happy if he won excellence . Inspired that he forgot the pain he was carrying. He joined the choir too in the church singing songs of peace to the Lord.

Vicente A. Valdez Jr.


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