Vince Valdez (Category-Article)(So What|Certificate of Appreciation)

Vince Valdez (Category-Article)(So What|Certificate of Appreciation)

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Vince Valdez

So what ? People always say this as a word of relief to escape from the reality. It is at some point that they defend themselves to an embarrassing situation. They point on something to be done , something to have a relief to quench their satisfaction.

The words so what is the epitome of regrets, an action of frustration but with a touch of sincerity to express it in a nice way that nobody could notice that the one who said this is in denial about everything what was mentioned. The moment a person is swearing about so what made us realize that there is imperfection that he wants to do most. There is doubt , there is fear to do it right. So what if something went wrong? So what if he fails? There is negativity in every performance . There is arrogance and pride too. One this happens, the person lost his credibility and tactics to do as planned. Inability to excel and to prove ones aspect of life, to be successful in every way.

So what you need is to be happy. Positivity matters most all the time.Never say, ” So what?” Analyze what we do, plan what we desire, perform and do your work accurately to the maximum, not to the limit and there we could exactly say, we did our fair share.


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