Vince Valdez (Category-Article)(Saga of Pain|Certificate of Excellence)

Vince Valdez (Category-Article)(Saga of Pain|Certificate of Excellence)

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Vince Valdez

Pain is categorically a matter of suffering but there’s a saying that it is gain. No matter how it affects us is considered a rebuttal of failure.
Failure thus change the mood of everyone. We are destined to be looking for the golden side of the coin to deliberately thinking the pros and con of it. Whether there will be advantage to what you are suffering right now or disadvantage that will put you down. The pain of failure dismantle your disposition as it regulated your brain to think of the agony, the displeasure of the days to come. Thinking what other people will say and who look down after you. Thinking aside the probable issues that will come next. Self pitying, and poor performance entailed your daily activities.
Suffering from pain is stressful. The emotional pain sufferer has a lost of appetite, lack of sleep, weak and arrogant in nature. It is often associated with isolation and lack of social entity. They sometimes don’t accept favor and advices feeling that it’s the end of the world for them. Sometimes they are waiting for the wound to heal at the right time and the right place.
The saga of pain is a long history of endurance when the person who deal with it already knew the outcome of the future but still endureth until the end that the severity of the matter has come to submerge your ego. Though the will of positivity is strong but the flesh is weak to overcome. There is predominant reason to reject the outcome. The flexibility to withdraw the tenure of living is scarcely impossible.
There’s pain for us to gain. We realize that we have to feel the pain first and be it a lesson that the truth inculcates to your mind the teachings made an impact to your mind to believe that there should be no place in your life to accept despair and suffer from pain. It really affect your health, social standing an camaraderie . Gain from your experience to live a life full of ambition, energy to battle problems and bad fate. Let peace remain in your heart. Let hurt be an art to stand in any storm.

Vicente A. Valdez Jr

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