Vandana Oke (Category-Short Story) (Galaxy | Certificate of Appreciation)

Vandana Oke (Category-Short Story) (Galaxy | Certificate of Appreciation)


Vandana Oke

“Wish Upon A Star”

She opened her eyes to a charming room filled with drawers and cubby holes lining the walls. She tried to remember how she landed in here. But her mind seemed blank. Feeling hassled, she marched out of the room into a vast, open alley leading to a huge doorway. She hastily headed there pushing it open with all her strength. And there she saw –
the most magnificent sight – a spectacle of twinkling stars big and small, in all possible shades of silver, studded over a soft, milky dusk sky. She stood there gazing at this cosmic beauty as if she was staring at a hyper technological galaxy wallpaper in high definition. She could feel the cinematic experience of all the components of the universe reaching towards her, caressing her.
She gazed at the star clusters against the darkening sky and could spot a few constellations coming alive. It was so peaceful and silent. But the silence was immensely cold.
She turned to feel the warmth of the indoors. As she walked past the alley to check out this novel place – all she could see were neat and clean rooms, prim and properly arranged furniture pieces. She arrived into a huge room with granite countertops, a big gas stove, expensive crockery and enamelware arranged in their proper racks and cabinets. She had an urge to drink a hot cup of tea. She mechanically made herself one. She sipped her tea staring outside the big kitchen window. She could see darkness turning pale orange. The night sky was fading away and giving way to a magical and misty morning. She soaked up all the energy and light within her as she stood there admiring the glorious and splendid sky. But she felt something was missing in there – something that is synonymous to sunrise – yes! She remembered – the chirping and twittering of the birds. She realised she had been hearing no sounds whatsoever – as if she was in a celestial vacuum. And then suddenly she started hearing all the familiar sounds she had been listening to in the past decades – voices of people calling upon her to fulfil her duty as a wife, daughter and mom!
And all she wanted was to wish upon a star to have her tea in sheer peace in the heavenly skies at least once during the whole lousy day – I guess! She had wished really hard!

10 Comments on “Vandana Oke (Category-Short Story) (Galaxy | Certificate of Appreciation)

  1. Vandana it was a delight to read your galaxy tour & later obligations of the family.
    Keep ur flair for writing on. Love🌹💐

  2. It was written so beautifully, I felt is if am not reading, rather am watching a visual. Imaginative power is amazing. Pls keep writing Vandana. More power to you

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