Tejaswini Patil (Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Appreciation)

Tejaswini Patil (Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Appreciation)


Tejaswini Patil

With world’s first sunrise,
You accompanied me so long, dear.
On the unknown turns of life,
Supported me with grace and prayer.

I saw, the cankers were pointed
And thorns deep, piercing.
You made me overcome them
With delightful spring.

Some hands slipped away
Some gripped tight,
In the darkest of the nights,
The lamps dazzled the way bright.

The drizzling rain poured
And washed away Man’s might.
Humanity rose with glare
And connected the souls upright.

Forgetting the bars of Time,
I danced with the Muse.
Thank you dear 2019,
The world you did amuse.

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