Suchi Shukla (By Blackout| Certificate of Participation)


Suchi Shukla

An eerie Darkness surrounds me as
I venture forth towards my goal.
Fear of the unknown and the
Untrodden path fills my soul.
Was I correct in my choice?
Or did I misinterpret my aim?
Is it really impossible to exist
Free of social recognition and name?
Every trace of my inherent humanity
Has the society washed out!
Stand here I in a vacuum of memory
With my vision having a total blackout.
Why my love for her is called insane?
Since when has love started to mean pain?
What has the society to lose if we rejoice?
Who gave you the right to question my choice?
Let the cocoons be broken and butterflies free!
Let buds be opened to a flowering spree!
Let love be just love- unlabelled and gay,
Where every soul’s blackout sees a glowing day!

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