Subhashchandra B. Adhav (By The Sea Contest | Certificate of Participation)

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Subhashchandra B. Adhav

By the Sea

As long as tranquil is the inner sea
Everything is beautiful what I see
But when emotional tides create unrest
All efforts for placidity go waste

Whenever I get caught up in such a situation grotesque
Thought of going to sea side, comes to my rescue
When I see a vast sprawl of water
Opens my heart’s appreciative shutter

Comes to a halt mind’s ruthless car all of a sudden
Get relaxed, stretched thoughts hidden
Anxiety, worry, stress, strain and tension
All are evaporated by the cautionary board reading “attention”

Ripples and moving waves rhythmatic
Their captivating pattern systematic
They generate charming feel enigmatic
For ailing mind and body, panacea psychosomatic

High tides and ebb tides, their melodious music
It is invigorating for languid soul sick
Uproar of the sea is sometimes alluring, at times fierceful
Gives clue of underneath treasure -trove bountiful

Thickets and groves of trees along the shore
That hold canopy over inner sea and heart’s core
By the sea, descended Heaven that overcame inner hell
Meeting point of land and sea, resounds joy spreading bell. !!

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