Subhashchandra B.Adhav (By Blackout| Certificate of Excellence)


Subhashchandra B.Adhav

When I received blissful showers of rain drops
Hopeful rays passed through blessed raindrops

Lo! A colourful rainbow appeared on life’s canvas
But dark clouds covered soulful sun with shroud! alas !

All it was darkness and dark became rainbow
Colourful rainbow gone and gone its glow

Dark rainbow was darkened by dark firmament
Blackout for the spectrum of sentiment

First colour which fell victim to black magic was the colour red
Sorcery shattered the dreams hundred

The second colour to go was orange
It was totally eclipsed by the way strange

The third was colour yellow
Remnant was dark band slightly below

Although disappeared the colour lush green
Traces of green blossom were seen

Other colour gone was the colour blue
Streak in the darkness, gave me clue

Surrendered to dark, the colour indigo
All the ambience was dark, it had to go

To love in the pitch dark, it was rather late
Relied on the fate the colour violet

The dark rainbow was a sheer blackout curse
Such a dark wound, no light can nurse !!

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