Subhashchandra Adhav(Category-Poem)(Being Human|Certificate of Appreciation)

Subhashchandra Adhav(Category-Poem)(Being Human|Certificate of Appreciation)

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Subhashchandra Adhav

Being Human

Being human be committed to nurture humanity
We’re sent over here to establish peace and amity

Being human enjoy the life with mirth
Forget not the value of mother earth

Being human respect earnestly biodiversity
As Nature is the great open university

Being human protect with zeal, environment
We will be blessed by firmament

Being human, realize the genuine eco-system
It should be held in high esteem

Being human , live and let others live
This will keep this beautiful planet alive

Being human, extend always helping hand
Leave noble footprints on Time’s sand

Being human, honour always woman
As she possesses virtues million

Being human, make enjoyment and fun
But forget not the downtrodden and orphan

Being human , be a noble live statue
That possesses many a virtue

Being human, show mercy and compassion
Be humane tranquil ocean

Being human, allow not your ego to burst
Instead, develop good will and mutual trust

Subhashchandra B. Adhav

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