Sonia Sethi (Time Contest | Epoch Ranter Award)

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Sonia Sethi

Time flies, but leaves its shadow behind,
Overlooking the present, I recollect the past.
I wish I had a clock, that could run backwards,
And that, which could transport me back in time.

With this wishful thinking, I sit by the window,
The sky is a radiant mix of crimson, just like my musings.
I hit the rewind button and watch the past appear,
On the canvas of my memories, so vivid and clear.

I see my folks without whom, I couldn’t live a single day,
But time snatched them from me and forced me to stay.
I wish I could rearrange things and bring them back again,
If only it could happen, the clock’s movement I’ll refrain.

If I could turn the clock, I would never want to grow ,
I’ll be the princess of my father, from not very long ago.
Time has left a lot of marks, on my mother, too,
I wish to erase them and give her some happy days too.

But if I wish to change the things that happened,
You will have to go , as you were not a part of me then.
How I wonder I had a time machine, then I could have the best,
Of both the worlds from the present and the past.

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