Sonia Sethi (The Burning Planet | Veteran Poet)


Sonia Sethi

The dawn of life on land,
The human race, grand.
The ability to think,
Brings us to a greedy brink.

Human induced climate change,
Disastrous rage.
Artic ocean will be ice free,
In summers, by mid century, they say.

We are eager to protect,
What we built.
Who will protect that,
Which we inherited?

Of our shortcomings we are aware,
But still, who cares?
The planet is literally on fire,
Human race will sink in mire.

Amazon burns,
The earth churns.
Pollution and consumption,
On the rise.

Question the choices,
Before we are hit by a crisis.
Let’s do something for the burning planet,
Before we are wiped from the earth’s surface.

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