Sonia Sethi (Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Appreciation)


Sonia Sethi

Some unbearable losses define you,
Some unprecedented failures refine you.
I know, it’s not the end of the road,
I took a wrong turn, perhaps a wrong road.

Later, I met Mr. Strength down the road,
A nice fellow, he walked down with me.
I was lost, immersed deep in sorrow,
He comforted saying, success is just a furlong.

It was the gnawing pain, weighing me down,
Pain is Mr. Failure’s next door neighbour.
Both very thick, generally go together,
But I was reluctant, to let Pain enter my being.

Mr. Strength had forewarned me,
Pain and failure would both hold me captive,
And would never ever let me go.
Grateful, I heeded his advice, you see.

He then took me to Mr. Hope,
A nice pleasing personality, just like the Pope.
No, he never gave sermons, just some good vibes,
I wish, there is increase in his tribe.

This year is at the fag end, about to retire,
A big thank you 2019, you gave me strength.
And now I see myself reaping the fruits,
I sowed with patience and hope, despite the rough weather.

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