Sonia Sethi (By Blackout| Certificate of Appreciation)

Sonia Sethi (By Blackout| Certificate of Appreciation)

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Sonia Sethi

Under the infinite sky of darkness,
Lies the entire world in quiet .
The stars more bright against the pitch dark,
The yawning night silently sleeps.

The universe expands under the starlit sky,
I can hear the crickets and frogs so clear.
I wonder where the stars were during the day?
I can only see them now, in the absence of the rays.

There has to be darkness for the stars to shine,
Like a forlorn damsel for the night they pine.
The black silk embellished with stars,
A treat for the eyes from afar.

I toss and turn, reading the starry patterns ,
The turmoil inside akin to darkness.
They blame the night for everything dark,
But no, it is not as bad and stark.

Some people I’m unable to read in the day,
But what has night got to do with it, anyway.
The vastness of the dark sky, reminds how tiny I am,
Why should I know in advance, all His plans?

To develop positives from negatives, there has to be darkness,
Up there, He is working on me, developing me.
Darkness has its own symphony,
That lulls me to sleep peacefully.

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