Šolkotović Snežana (Category- Short Story )(My Heart Says | Certificate of Excellence)

Šolkotović Snežana (Category- Short Story )(My Heart Says | Certificate of Excellence)

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Šolkotović Snežana

She found an old scrapbook in the old attic under a pile of dust. The pages faded with dust. Some were glued and the letters were stained with moisture. She would read through the pages with interest. She wanted to find out the secret that was hiding in these yellow pages. Verses of longing and unfulfilled love were written. Time seemed to have stopped.
With trembling wrinkled hands, she raised a picture that dropped from the notebook. It was him, her schoolmate – student love. She looked again at the young man’s carefree face…
A sigh… After many years in her mind, childhood pictures came back and revived those times. He loved her… And she… She laughed at those subtle feelings…
She remembered him giving her a scrapbook as a memory which she casually put away in the attic.
The other day, she was told that he had died loving her for years – waiting on her.
She cried bitterly. In search of love, she realized only now that she, too, loved him tenderly. Šolkotović Snežana, Srbija

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