Snežana Šolkotovic(Category-Poem)(Being Human|Certificate of Appreciation)

Snežana Šolkotovic(Category-Poem)(Being Human|Certificate of Appreciation)

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Snežana Šolkotovic

It Does Not Matter Who Comes From Where

To me…
It does not matter who comes from where.
It’s important they are a human,
What is the prejudice that stumbles,
And becomes the paravane forever…

It is not important to me which language a person uses.
Where there is a strong will,
To appreciate and love the life,
Nothing to be shared in halves…

The colors of the skin are unimportant,
The love in the chest is what matters the most.
To be a human where we can boast,
With the littlest things foremost…

Because, what is a man in this world,
Just a passer-by who plays with the time,
Every now and then,
Stops for a moment to take a breath,
And moves on to seize the forgotten,
From what has been abandoned…
Šolkotović Snežana, Srbija

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