Snežana Šolkotovic (Category-Short Story)(Saga of Pain|Certificate of Excellence)

Snežana Šolkotovic (Category-Short Story)(Saga of Pain|Certificate of Excellence)


Snežana Šolkotovic

A woman in tears returned from the funeral. Ari the dog was following her footsteps. At last she realized that she was all alone; there was no one else… She looked in the direction of the dog that followed her faithfully. Their eyes met. They shared a secret. This dog accompanied her husband to the village every night. Her husband was ill which is why his doctor forbade him to drink… But he would drink with his company in the village hiding it from his wife. The dog would lay beside his legs not leaving him for one moment. And when he got home, the woman’s question would be how much beer he had drunk. Then he would hesitate of what to tell her; sometimes he would just shiftily smile at her. Silence would follow.
“So, this means…You won’t tell me how much beer you have drunk… I’ll ask Ari then… ”
“Come on, Ari, how much beer did your boss drink tonight?”
“Woof, woof, woof … “, the dog would bark as many times as a beer was drunk.
“Ohhh, so you have drunk three beers…”
“Why are you telling on me, Ari…? I’m no longer taking you with me…”, the man murmured as if he was angry. The dog would bend his head in disbelief and crouched his tail next to his leg as if asking for forgiveness. The same story repeated the next day…
The sudden death of the man struck both, his wife and Ari the dog.
The dog was missing his owner and his shrewd smile… It looked in the direction of the woman who thought of those tiny unforgettable charms.
Only her, the dog and their fond memories remained.
Šolkotović Snežana

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