Snežana Šolkotovic (Category-Short Story) (Galaxy | Certificate of Appreciation)

Snežana Šolkotovic (Category-Short Story) (Galaxy | Certificate of Appreciation)

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Šolkotović Snežana

The breakdowns ordered event after event. There was almost no patience left – just enough to gather the courage for another tomorrow. To be left alone and unaccepted did not please her. She would hide her tears taking up the courage to take another step towards the dawn – a sky’s promise of glorious colors. One night, she read his poems on the Honeymoon Website for the lonely. Comments followed with few pictures wishing her a pleasant day. Writing became frequent, he filled her world with hope for better tomorrow and took a place in her heart which was beating for him.
They exchanged phone numbers. His beautiful voice delighted her. She seemed as she got wings.
One evening while talking on the cell phone he told her:
“Do you see my shadow on the moon?”
She looked at the sky – the moon was shining in full splendor.
“If you see the shadow – it is mine.” he whispered on the other side of the phone.
Emotions erupted from both sides.
One conversation did a miracle –it brought two soul mates together. They found their galaxy of love.
Šolkotović Snežana

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